In an era when women are called out for not being “real” if they fit into the current beauty canon, 17 Argentine women in their twenties  — the first generation to suffer anxiety, low self-esteem, and obsession to reach the "perfect" body because of social media — boldly take off their clothes and show themselves without any retouching. They expose their inherent reality  — a human condition that does not respond to a size — to tear down stereotypes and preconceptions.


But the true nakedness here is their intimacy, how they share their stories, their pain, their struggle, and what makes them real. Not their measurements, not their curves, not their features. This photo series invites viewers to understand that images can be deceiving and that there's a story behind them. 


During this project, we collaborated together on portraying their sensuality and nudity, while letting them cover what society claims, if seen, would be scandalous, provocative, obscene, indecent, what women must cover if it's not for male consumption: breasts, nipples, bums — covering what we think we should cover, consciously or not, for fear of reprisal, social condemnation, shame or self-rejection.


Real is a manifestation against prejudice, a call to respect and empathy and, above all, to understand that we are all real women.