In an era in which we call “real” to the woman who moves away from the current beauty canon, 17 argentine women in their twenties -the first generation who suffers anxiety, low self-esteem and obsession to reach the "perfect" body because of social media- have the boldness to take off their clothes and show themselves without any retouches. They expose their inherent reality -a human condition that does not respond to a size- to tear down stereotypes and preconceptions.


But the real nude is that of their intimacy. In a talk with themselves they share their stories, their pain, their struggle, their learning, what makes them real. Not their measurements, not their curves, not their features. This photo series invites viewers to understand that images can be deceiving and that there's a story behind them. 


During this project, I was part of the dichotomy of portraying these women nude and at the same time let them cover what society claims that, if seen, it would be something scandalous, provocative, obscene, indecent. What women must cover if it's not for men consumption: breasts, nipples, bums. Covering what we think we should cover, consciously or not, for fear of reprisal, reification, social condemnation, shame or self-rejection.


And that friction between the desire to break the stereotypes of beauty and the limit imposed by the social/cultural chip that we have inside did nothing but reaffirm the path of social deconstruction that we are transiting, which demands us to question models and mental patterns established. To be in constant tension with our actions and thoughts. 


Real is a manifestation against prejudice, a call to respect and empathy and, above all, to understand that we are all real women.

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