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Everything about Horseshoe Bend: instagrammer destination

10 minutes away from the city of Page, Arizona, a hidden treasure of the American Wild West carves the earth like a horseshoe. Instagrammers love it and also do travelers. How to get there and everything you need to know before visiting it. Add it to your US Roadtrip list!

  • Horseshoe Bend is a natural phenomenon known as meander: a steep bend from the course of the Colorado River. In its center, a large rock that is part of the Glen Canyon rises like an island in the middle of a river, simulating a horseshoe.

  • To get there, take the southbound on State Route 89 from Page. Between miles 544 and 545, a bare sign on the side of the road warns "Horseshoe Bend." Let the cell phone GPS guide you (Horseshoe Bend does not appear on the car’s GPS).

  • An arid and inhospitable space next to Route 89 serves as a parking lot before undertaking the trek to the meander.

  • Unlike other natural attractions in the area, it is free and open access. However, according to people in the area, it will soon cease to be.

  • From the "parking lot" to Horseshoe Bend is a ten-minute walk (about 800 meters, almost 2 kilometers roundtrip) on a sandstone trail in the vastness of the desert. There are some minimum descents that later have to be climbed but it doesn’t prevent anyone from arriving.

  • The view is as unique as it’s dangerous: there is no railing that separates people from the 300-meter-high cliff. Watch your step.

  • In summer, the hordes of tourists begin to arrive after 7 in the morning and become unbearable near sunset. At this time of the year (end of June to the end of August), choose to go at dawn, before 5 in the morning: there are no more than 3 or 4 people. In addition, you avoid the high temperatures of the day that can reach 40 degrees of heat (there is nothing to cover from the sun). Take a flashlight.

  • Photographers: going before sunrise also has another benefit. No shadow falls on the Horseshoe and the blue lights are perfect. The second best moment of the day is the sunset, since the sun sets over the horizon of the meander.

  • Definitely, it’s no place for kids.

  • The view is TOTALLY worth it.


Where to stay in Page:

Rodeway Inn: 71 S Lake Powell. For less than 50 dollars a night, it has huge rooms, a pool, a parking lot and basic breakfast. In addition, it is in front of a gas station, a Safeway supermarket and lots of restaurants.

Where to eat in Page:

Slackers: within the restaurant promenade on Elm Street between S Lake Powell and 6th Avenue, this burger place is one of the most chosen by the locals.


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