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Sitopia, 2021

Outside, the white rusty walls of houses, the empty concrete rooftops, the monotony of 30 identical balconies perfectly lined with each other on a brick building, and the hubbub of the avenue. Inside, a jungle of bright colors, the fluidity and rhythm of over twenty plant species, growing in perfect syntony within the small oasis the women from Sitopia have built. It’s a Greek word that means ‘Food Place’ and it’s also a piece of nature hidden in the middle of Buenos Aires, a refuge, up a flight of red stairs in an old Villa Crespo two-storey house. Once you arrive, Sitopia opens up to the sky, broadening your lungs, now inhaling the smell of fresh mint and wet soil in every inch of the orange walled terrace. This project documents the work and life of Florencia, Rosario, Camila and Luciana, the four young women in charge of Sitopia, the only female run urban farm in the city. On a typical day, they take care of the crops, relocate seedlings, eat from their organic harvest, teach their 200k social media followers how to compost and build their own orchard of lettuce, tomatoes, arugula, cauliflower, kale or whichever vegetable or fruit one is craving in just a balcony or a patio, or they drive to people’s homes to do it for them. By photographing their daily labor and personalities, this project portrays the power of change and creation when women come together, working hard and passionately to transform how Argentinians interact with their food, to fix the problem men have originated and to return to the Earth what it has provided us with. As the four girls agree on: “Women have a special connection with nature, we are not constantly looking to take advantage of it and make money out of the Earth resources, we take care of it instead.”

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