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Tango of a Lifetime
Memories of Elsa

"Tango of a Lifetime" explores the life of my 94-year-old Argentinian grandmother Elsa, the last of her generation in our family, through photography, text, archival images and materials. The project highlights Elsa’s resilience and optimism as she now grapples with dementia. It celebrates the beauty of the elderly, the passage of time, and offering an alternative visual approach to Alzheimer’s. 

Started in 2017, the project documents Elsa's daily life and her reactions to old photo albums, revealing the power of images as memory activators. Elsa shares her life story in her own words, from her birth in 1929, her father’s drastic abandonment at 13, her sacrifices to support her working-class family of five, her widowhood after a 53-year marriage to my grandfather Alberto, the difficulties in getting pregnant, and the sudden loss of her twin sister Olga. Despite many hardships, Elsa’s resilience shines through as she even survived COVID-19 and other illnesses. This project not only honors her life but also demonstrates the evocative power of photography for those with dementia, offering a narrative filled with joy and gratitude, while also capturing moments of contemplation and the solitude that comes with aging and loss.

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