True Colors

Living in New York City for the first time, I challenged myself to get off the maelstrom of the big city and its common places and focus on those daily things that always caught my eye but never had the time to stop and capture.


That’s how True Colors started. Fascinated by the diversity of unusual and striking hair colors while walking on the streets, I decided to approach the ones displaying them and get to know a little bit about who they are, why they chose to dye their hair in that singular color and what it means to them.


From Brooklyn to Iran and Greece, women of all ages make out of New York their own catwalk wearing powerful shades of pink, green, blue, purple and more. And they parade gracefully for themselves, knowing that they won’t be a center of attention at a city used to bold outfits and shocking styles.


True Colors make emphasis in students, professionals and working women between age sixteen and almost forty who fracture the belief that dyeing their hairs in “crazy” colors is a fashion.


But True Colors is more than just a story about cool hair colors, it explores how the hues these daring women pick reflect their souls and personalities. It’s about their true colors. Confidence, expression, security, self-esteem, individuality, rebellion, fun and boldness are just some of the words that these young "cultural standards breakers" choose when synthesizing the why of their hair color.


From my lens, I also dedicated myself to photograph the similarity among the differences. Extraordinary hair colors are a common language where nationalities, races, religions or ages don’t have place in it.

Finally, in a decade where the global struggle for women's rights and the vindication of feminism is stronger than ever, the fact that women – doesn’t matter if they are teenagers or adults, students or professionals- carry with pride their hair dyed in colors often forbidden or considered “insolent” by the patriarchal society  contributes from its humblest side to the change this generation demands.

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